University of Mumbai's

Garware Institute of Career Education and Development

NAAC Re-accredited with 'A' Grade

              It is a matter of pleasure and pride that I provide an introduction to Garware Institute of Career Education & Development (GICED). GICED was established in 1984 following impetus provided by generous donation from Garware group of Industries. The basic objective of Garware Institute is to provide skill-based training in variety of fields and to enable the students find an employment and/or initiate a small-scaled business enterprise. GICED offers Under- Graduate/ Post- Graduate Courses ranging from 3 months to 3 years.

               Mumbai University has always ensured that hand-picked top class teaching faculty is drawn from Academics and Industry. The courses have mainly originated from the need of various sectors of market for a trained manpower. Each course offers basic theoretical understanding of a subject, practical/ field training wherever essential and finally crucial system for helping students to find suitable placements.

              Significance of Skill-based training has been amply emphasized by the following quote of the Hon. Prime Minister of India, during his speech from Red Fort, New Delhi, on 15th August 2014, "Skilling is building a better India. If we have to move towards development, then Skill Development should be our mission".

              GICED is one of the pioneers in India in imparting skill-based education/ training from which thousands of students have benefitted so far. Mumbai University offers Dual Degree policy which could help you to acquire a skill-based diploma from GICED along with a formal degree from University departments/ its affiliated colleges or institutes.

Undertake specific programmes to meet the unique requirements of various segments of an industry.

             The students who are sent out of the program have been trained and prepared with knowledge, skills, talent, and Enthusiasm to work in urban corporate as well as rural sectors confidently. I believe that every moment you spend on the GICED campus will be fruitful in realizing your career dreams.

I extend a hearty welcome to you all to the institute and wish you all the best for your career endeavors.

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