University of Mumbai's

Garware Institute of Career Education and Development

NAAC Re-accredited with 'A' Grade

Bachelors (Degree Courses)

B.M.S. Tourism & Travel Industry Management (BT&T)

+ Course Duration:


+ No Of Seats :


+ Fees :

Total Fees:- Rs. 1,01,270

Semester I - Rs. 18,700

Semester II - Rs. 15,900

Semester III - Rs. 16,400

Semester IV - Rs. 15,900

Semester V - Rs. 15,570

Semester VI - Rs. 18,800

+ Eligibility :

H.S.C OR Equivalent Examination (Any faculty with English subject compulsory)

+ Admission Procedure :


+ Preamble :

The travel & tourism industry is vibrant, committed to service excellence and professionalism. As more and more people, travel for business and leisure the industry has seen a demand for well trained, service sector professionals from the best tourism management colleges in Mumbai and other parts of the country. The industry requires people who can deal competently with a wide range of activities and who possess the knowledge, skills and attributes required by the industry.

From inception the Institute has conducted tourism training programmes. This course is designed to provide those wishing to enter this field with theoretical knowledge, computer savviness and practical ability in a range of skills and procedures necessary in the travel and tourism work roles. 

Students who are able to successfully complete semesters 1,2 ,3 & 4 of the program can obtain a Diploma as an exit point. Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management - 2years

+ Objective :

Tourism and travel management course in Mumbai helps students hone their skills and enhance their knowledge with study of specialized subject. Help understand the regional and international perspective on Travel & Tourism.

  Students to gain confidence in their ability to apply their knowledge and skills to function effectively / competently in the Travel &Tourism industry also to enable them to be responsible for their own career growth / development.

+ Job Opportunities :

The program trains students to work with travel agencies, tour operators, travel portals, hotels, tourism promotion boards, airlines, etc. 

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