University of Mumbai's

Garware Institute of Career Education and Development

NAAC Re-accredited with 'A++' Grade

Bachelors (Degree Courses)

B.A. (Multimedia Animation) Ordinance No. 6384

+ Course Duration:


+ No Of Seats :


+ Fees :

Total Fee- Rs.1200000

Semester I- Rs.251870
Semester II- Rs.230800
Semester III- Rs.231300
Semester IV- Rs.230800
Semester V- Rs.134430
Semester VI- Rs.120800

+ Eligibility :

H.S.C. With Minimum 45% Marks (English as a compulsory subject at least up to 12th).

+ Admission Procedure :

Online Test Followed By Personal Interview.

+ Preamble :

A sequence of images creates an illusion of a moving object is termed as Animation. India is one of the most preferred outsourcing countries. We not only do outsourcing services, we are also a creator of original animation. Some of the popular original contents are Chota bheem, Little Krishna, Delhi Safari, Arjun, Road side Romeo etc.  Animation is a combination of entertainment and technology. It is composed of design, drawing, layout and production of graphically rich multimedia clips. Time and space are important in animation. Those who excel in drawing and creativity can choose animation as their career. An animator’s job is to analyze the script thoroughly and get into the skin of the character. Creating idea, storyboard, Character design, backgrounds, etc and using technical methodology to create stunning visuals short movies is the ideal steps in making a successful animation feature. 

The aim of this program is to make the students self reliant and equip them with the artistic approach, technical knowledge, mastering tools as well as the concepts of animation so they can make a mark in the global world of animation. 2D animations are superficial whereas 3D animations possess some depth. Our programme starts with art and design,They learn basic construction in drawing using Pencil & paper which is their canvas to produce frames that define a sequence which is then moved at different speed that create an illusion of movement. Then we introduce various software’s & techniques to master the skills of animation.

Apart from drawing and character designing, 3D animators deal with modelling, rendering, texture and lighting.,this gives a depth to the animation. Virtual cameras do the job of focus, resize, zoom and elucidating the characters.

At this institute you will be exposed to the best faculty in the industry. There will be tie ups with domestic and international institutes so you will get to work on national and internal projects. You can participate in film festivals and competitions world over.

+ Objective :

The objective of animation course is to prepare students for the field of visual arts and equip them with all the necessary tools that this field requires. Hollywood is a booming industry with various job openings in the full length animation movies, television, advertising etc. A full-length animation requires almost 500 animators to work on it. Apart from films and television, Animation services are now the top requirements in every other fields, like business, sales, engineering and education etc., Even fields like fashion designing, interior designing, medical, legal and insurance companies require animations for their presentations and models. This program focuses more on creating computer graphic artist who can perform at any level and any process. 

+ Job Opportunities :

After completing a course in animation, there is an ocean of opportunity for the students to choose and work from. Students can have some flexibility to choose a career in television, film and video games. Some of the careers options are:

Pre production Artist / Storyboard artist / Layout Artist / 2D animator/ Modeler / Texturing Artist /Character animator / 3D vfx artist / Lighting Artist / Rendering Artist / Production Co ordinator

Apart from films and television the services of animators are required in other fields like business, sales, engineering and education.

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